Food Couture

Food Couture

‘Food Couture’ as poetry and provocation, where ‘food becomes fashion’ and a symbolic element that transmits the emotions of a magical place, Lake Garda, in a multisensory key.

A playful and daring idea, where experience related to food and its horizons turns into clothes whose prints faithfully take up themes from the Expo: wine, fish, lemon, oil.

A catwalk that evokes food through unusual combinations, involving guests in optical illusions, visionary, unique and holistic itineraries all leading back to Lake Garda and investigations and research, amplified by catwalk creations. Images through which life has been injected into an original and futuristic concept, full of irony and great poetic charge. The catwalk took place on 26th February in the hall ‘Sala Tiepolo’ of the magnificent building Palazzo Clerici during  Milan Fashion Week. ‘Food Couture’ is one of the selected projects of Expo 2015.


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